What is a dynamic QR code?


Firstly, it must be emphasized that dynamic QR codes do not mean that there is a moving image in the middle of the QR code, they are called dynamic QR codes. The meaning of dynamic QR code is a live code. While keeping the QR code image unchanged, the displayed content can undergo infinite changes after scanning. This type of QR code has been developed and used by major internet companies for a long time. Due to the limited personal demand for this QR code, it is only used in commercial activities and is therefore not known to the public. But nowadays, with the development of mobile internet and the popularity of smartphones, traditional QR codes are no longer able to meet users' needs for information transmission. Therefore, people gradually understand the advantages of dynamic QR codes, mainly in the following three aspects:

1. Marketing

Due to the limited amount of information carried by traditional QR codes, marketers often have to spend a lot of manpower and resources to create promotional posters, web pages, etc. This has led to dynamic QR codes becoming a major trend in the industry. Nowadays, most marketers have chosen dynamic QR codes.

2. Tracking data

This is another feature of dynamic QR codes, which can calculate users' scanning time, location, platform they come from, and even the type of mobile phone they use.

3. Encryption

Specific content can be encrypted, and users need to enter a password after scanning the QR code to access it.